If you are looking for quick, efficient and professional basement excavation in Melbourne, then welcome to Excavating Solutions.

Basements are becoming more popular in Australia and it's no wonder why. They help you use your land area more efficiently and give you more functional space without adding height to your building. In residential homes they give you endless opportunities - office, gym, home theatre, lounge - whatever you can imagine.

The Expert Team

Excavating Solutions is committed to ensuring that your basement excavation is done professionally and correctly.

We work with both commercial and residential and can handle any excavation you need.

No matter if you need a basement for a small home or a large construction complex, we can handle the process because we have the best machines and operators you could ever hope to find.

While the best time to get a basement excavation is at the start of construction, we also have expertise in doing it for you after the fact as well.

Working Together

Managing basement excavations takes both experience and planning.

So we spend time carefully planning your project because we want it to be as smooth and successful as you do.

Working together with you and all the onsite trades takes commitment and focus but ensuring we have good planning and the same vision you have means that your basement will hold nothing but good memories. .

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