Excavating Solutions is the team you need for all site cut, site cleanup and levelling jobs in Melbourne's south east.

Whether you are building a new home, extension, warehouse or any other building, we will clear and level your site to your exacting specifications. With extensive experience performing site cuts across Melbourne, Excavating Solutions will ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and to the highest standard.

We Understand The Job

When it comes to site cuts, Excavating Solutions understand the need for precision and perfection. 

We are able to tackle all types of earthworks whether they are a grass scrape or a substantial depth cut and your site will be fully cleared of all debris, including rocks and excavated to your exact requirements.

Our excavators and operators are highly experienced working on land of all description, so you can be sure your site cut will be perfectly level and ready for your slab or foundations to be poured.

If you are preparing your block before building your foundations, foundation, you need to have the soil properly levelled and compacted. Excavating Solutions are your Melbourne experts.

We Understand You

Our objective is to achieve the best result for your project, on time and in the most cost effective way.  We know the importance of having a quick turnaround and our experience will ensure you enjoy working together with Excavating Solutions

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